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  1. matt morris  ///  mattmorriswerks.tumblr.com

    Are you alright?

    I am happier than I have ever been.

    What do you love?

    Sleep, achingly beautiful days, sweet queer boys, Virginia Woolf novels, the current season of American Horror Story, aspics, rough sex, mysteries, and my new pink hair dye job I got at Barbara & Barbara in Chicago.

    What do you hate?

    Misogyny + capitalism.

    What are you listening to right now?

    I am streaming House of Ladosha off Soundcloud to immerse myself in their sounds + lyrics for an article I am writing about them, Le1f, Big Momma, Cakes da Killa, and other recent rap and hip-hop that is in dialogue with queer theory.

    Tell me what you do.

    I am an artist and writer (and occasional curator). But really, I’m a courtesan with ulterior motives (and what courtesan doesn’t have those?). In my work, I get intimately close to institutions—this could be museums or galleries, but just as often ideologies that dominate our culture—and then critique, deconstruct, or respond to those power structures. I’m at close enough range that I’m never exempt and always implicated. Right now I am working on monochromes (as embroideries, watercolors, photographs, and oil paintings on linen), attempts at casting spells and charging objects, and planning several interventions on Grindr and other cruising apps.